Teddy is Missing -  A Storyshape™ Adventure

Our first in-house project is largely inspired by the mechanic behind gamebooks, where readers can choose from a variety of paths that can effectively change their narrative outcomes. The question is, can we apply this technique to an interactive storybook for kids aged 3 and older?

“Teddy is Missing” is our homage to the idea behind these original gamebooks with increased focus on playful interactivity and mini-games for our younger audience. We’re also working together with acclaimed Norwegian children’s book author, Endre Lund Eriksen, along with concept art by Øyvind Lauvdahl, to create a magical story that revolves around an enchanted world, a naughty little witch and a lot of broken toys to fix.

Teddy is Missing is slated for release in february 2015! Watch this space or on our Facebook page for more news!