Social Media Strategies

As the biggest newspaper in Northern Norway, Nordlys was actively seeking to boost its social media presence as fan growth was then stagnant. Our immediate goal at the beginning of the project was to analyze and optimize Nordlys’ content output on Facebook and in the process, revitalize fan interaction.

This consistent analysis and media strategy, along with competitions and advertising activity revitalized Nordlys’ fan growth. In the space of our 4 month engagement, we grew their likes from 9481 to 12050, and after a year they had managed themselves to reach 30.000 followers.

Amongst others we have also been working with Kvalvik Bait, a revolutionary new cream-like bait that attracts a variety of fishes by their keen sense of smell, Royal Bowling & Billiard in Bodø and Scandinavia's single only Master Diamond Cutter, Morten Flygel.